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Originally from the Delta-quadrant of our galaxy, Kit Fisto was abandoned in a dumpster in the suburbs of Miami, Florida. It could have been the end of Kit Fisto then and there if it weren’t for the nurturing care of a loving pack of dogs that took Kit in and taught them to stomp and growl with the best of ‘em. Kit Fisto spent many happy years among the pack going through garbage and stealing pies from windowsills until one day a terrible conflict arose with the invasive Bufo Marinus frog that wiped out most of Kit’s family. Distraught, Kit Fisto was forced to assimilate into human culture and found wild rock ‘n roll to be the only means that could properly express the early years. With the strength of a super nova and the control of a mother bear feeding her cubs, ladies and gentleman, KIT FISTO.

Kit Fisto is a band.

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    First recording released tonight!

    ENJOY “Ghosts!”

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